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Dr. A - In an environment where many medical device companies are shrinking, Becon Medical is growing strongly, through emphasis on development of superior new products, and building on their reputation of providing high-quality products. They have a strong strategy of increasing our penetration of the U.S. market and are executing on that strategy.

Dr. B - I cannot overstate the joy that I had when I saw my product move from a concept to marketable medical device. I was impressed by Becon's team of experts and will spread the word to my medical colleagues..

Dr. C - We have chosen Becon due to the fact that they provide an end-to-end solution in one collaborative system that handles the product lifecycle management, from marketing to release.



Recent News
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First EarWell fitting in New York
Dr. Theodore Diktaban was the first doctor to fit an infant with the EarWell in New York.

Fox TV Medical Report
Dr. Sapna Parikh covered Dr. Diktaban's procedure for Fox TV on July 8th, 2010. (Check back for airing date.)

New Becon Disposable Cannula
Becon is finalizing EC paperwork for launch of new line of disposable cannulas. Highest quality materials at a most competitive price.


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