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As an accomplished Aesthetic Surgeon, you anticipate a perfect result for (with) every breast procedure. Fulfilling that expectation is directly dependent on the accuracy of the pre and intra operative measurements that guide patient skin marking. The rulers, tapes, strings and sutures currently employed to identify those measurements are unable to pinpoint exact anatomical specificity.

Brecise™ is a new and unique breast measuring device that has been created to simply and consistently quantify exact topographical skin locations, in both distance and degree of angle, for all recorded breast surgery measurements. Brecise™ assists you in attaining your goal of perfection.

Brecise Identifies, Simplifies, Verifies, Expedites and Documents: Accurate Nipple-Areolar Complex positioning for breast reduction, breast reconstruction, mastopexy or any other procedure where nipple removal or movement is required. Pre-operative nipple positioning and asymmetry for Breast Augmentation . Pre-operative patient skin marking.

Brecise is packaged as a single-use, sterile disposable. It can be used pre, intra or post-opertively and has been priced to permit its use for each surgical breast patient.

Quantifies multiple measurements critical to breast surgical procedures:

     •  Sternal Notch to Nipple
     •  Sternal Notch to Clavicle
     •  Clavicle to Nipple
     •  Inframmary Crease angle
     •  Nipple to Nipple

Included in each Brecise Package is a visual data entry log for the simple recording of any and all breast measurements in both distance and angles. This form has been constructed to permit its insertion in the patient’s chart following measurement recording.